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NHS England Islamophobia Awareness Session- 26th June, 09.30-11.00

All NHS staff are invited to this staff development session on "Understanding Islamophobia," This session aims to provide valuable insights into the nature of Islamophobia, its impact on individuals and communities, and effective strategies for creating an inclusive and supportive workplace environment. The session is being held by NHS England and the Co-Chairs of the National NHS Muslim Network.


The Session Highlights include:

  • Defining Islamophobia: Understanding its roots and manifestations.

  • Impact Assessment: How Islamophobia affects mental health, work performance, and community relations.

  • Actionable Strategies: Practical steps to combat Islamophobia and promote inclusivity.

  • Open Discussion: Share experiences, ask questions, and engage in meaningful dialogue.

For details on how to access the session please email

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