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English councils spent £480m on ‘inadequate’ care homes in four years

This article in the Guardian newspaper has expressed concerns about the number of people that are in "inadequate' homes.

The investigation found the following examples:

  • Liverpool city council paid £1.5m for places at an “inadequate” home where stains encrusted furniture, walls and floors, fire doors were defective and addictive controlled drugs were not signed out properly. Care Quality Commission inspectors found it was “not safe” with “significant staff shortages”.

  • Derbyshire county council spent £1m with a home where assaults were not investigated, doses of medicines were missed and there were not enough trained staff, the CQC found.

  • A care home where undertrained care workers were seen yanking people out of their seats by their waistbands, one resident was “frightened to look at staff” and care was “humiliating” received £1.3m from Portsmouth city council.

The article also noted that some councils will not place people in “inadequate” homes, but the home may deteriorate after a person is placed.

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