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Great to be back again at our annual DoLS Conference!

Last month, we were back at the beautiful historic Lincoln's Inn, for our annual DoLS Conference. Thank you everyone who attended and of course to our fantastic speakers for their talks. A summary of the day is below: Rt Hon. Mike O'Brian KC, Barrister Covert Medication and the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Mike provided a detailed overview of the law on covert medication and the interface with the Human Rights Act. Feedback for this talk included: “Very thought provoking” “Things to take away and incorporate into my practice.” “Learned a lot about how best to fill the form in.” Aasya F Mughal, Edge director, Author and Barrister Relevant Person's Representatives (RPR). Aasya provided a step by step breakdown of the selection and recommendation of RPRs including key guidance from case law and record keeping tips. Feedback included: “Very very helpful and will improve my practice.” “Aasya is always amazing and makes the session understandable” “Excellent delivery and funny.” Paul Sinha, The Chase Paul, quizzer, stand up comedian & former GP provided some hilarious entertainment in addition to sharing his deep personal reflections on living with Parkinson’s. Feedback included: “Very funny, but shared deep reflective information.” “Nice break from the difficult subjects.” “Genuinely made me belly laugh” Richard Charlton, Solicitor s21A, objections, gatekeeping and legal aid Richard discussed his experiences representing those subject to DoLS and how important it is to act on objections to help people access their human rights. Feedback included: “Food for thought, more scope for improvement within own LA” “Relatively new info. Never put into practice before.Food for thought.” “Very knowledgeable.” Steven Richards, Author & Director, Edge Training DoLS News Update and What Next for LPS? Steven provided a brilliant update and analysis of the current situation now that LPS has been delayed beyond this parliament. Feedback included: “Informative and thought provoking. Will LPS ever happen? Personally I think we should focus on improving the system we arleady have and streamline Comm DoL applications.” “Really helped me understand the status of LPS and other matters.” “Loved the humour.” Here is some of the great feedback we received for the conference overall: “Another brilliant conference, thank you for a great day” “The whole day was well planned the speakers very informative. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, the surroundings.” “Very good & as usual thought provoking & challenging”

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