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The annual CQC report was published today

The annual CQC report was published today. It provides insight to the 33,000 services inspected by the CQC. The report findings include:

‘With 165,000 vacancies in adult social care, there needs to be a real step change in thinking about how to attract and retain staff.’

‘....we have continuing concerns around:

  • the knowledge and understanding of staff about the DoLS, and the quality of training

  • poor quality Mental Capacity Act (MCA) assessments...’

‘In mental health hospitals, we have seen how a lack of training means that staff still have difficulty in understanding the interface between the Mental Health Act (MHA), MCA and DoLS. ...There was also a misconception that if people were happy to be on a ward, then they could be classed as informal patients, without considering whether they had capacity to consent.’

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