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Managing stress for social workers in adult social care

We have a new course specially designed for social workers that can now be booked. As a social worker, stress inevitably accompanies the job. Some stress can be good for you, but when stress becomes toxic it can overwhelm your system.

This course provides invaluable tools and techniques to manage stress levels and build inner resilience. It is designed specifically for social workers in adult social care to equip them with an understanding of what stress is about – particularly its impact on our thoughts (cognitive effects) and our bodies (somatic symptoms). The course will explore strategies to effectively manage the emotional impact of being a social worker.

The course is available for local authorities, ICBs, Health Boards and NHS Trusts on a commissioned basis. It can be delivered as face-to-face training or a live interactive webinar for up to 25 people. For further details please email or call 07825 731139.

Edge is also running this as an Event on 7 December 2023 from 10:00-16:00. Tickets can be purchased at this link

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