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Hoarding and the Mental Capacity Act

Updated: Jun 19

A Court of Protection ruling concerning hoarding has recently been published (although it is formally dated as 2023). The case concerns a woman with OCD and hoarding disorder. It shows how environmental health powers were used initially but the case was then moved to the Court of Protection.

The judge concluded she lacked mental capacity to residence, care and support and her items and belongings. The judge agreed (with the local authority application) that in her best interests she should be removed to temporary accommodation (deprivation of liberty) whilst her property was de-cluttered. Download the full judgment from HERE.

This case will be incorporated into Edge Training & Consultancy's well established and highly rated Event called - Hoarding and self-neglect - next taking place on 16 October 2024. For more details go to our Events page and click on the relevant blue box. If you would like to enquire about commissioning us for this course, please email or call 07825 731139.

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