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John Mitchell

John Mitchell has been an AMHP practitioner and manager for many years. He has also been a service user, with substantial experience of detention under the MHA, and with particular success in absconding from locked mental health wards. John has a strong interest in both the MHA and crisis home treatment assessment of service users with personality disorder. He has developed a distinctive training approach to these issues which combines robust standards of defensible risk positive practice with sensitivity to the distress of service users, and to the fears of professionals.

Course : Risk Positive Assessment of Personality and Suicidality for AMHPs.

This course teaches the evidence base and practice skills necessary for defensible risk positive AMHP decision making in the field of personality disorder. The course also considers how AMHPs and their managers can work together to increase confidence in our responses to service users who experience chronic suicidal distress.

What people said about John:

"The trainer's opening talk, sharing his personal experience as a service user, active professional and trainer was humbling and cause for hope. The training tackled one of the most difficult subjects with sensitivity and positive risk taking.

Speaking aloud what many may think but it takes a lot of courage and educated skil to act upon. a very thought

provoking event"

"Really interesting course and well presented. Enjoyed the day"

"This is one of the best training ever attended- client focused and trainer very knowledgeable in his role as a professional and service user experience. I can listen to him whole day"

“This course has just reminded me why I am an AMHP”

“Great training, enjoyable and thought provoking”

“A very stimulating session with challenging ideas and good suggestions. Well supported by evidence from personal experience [both as a service user and as an AMHP], and also from research and the literature. It was extremely valuable to have all three perspectives”.

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