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Dr Debbie Martin

Debbie is Director of the Bournemouth University, South West England Approved Mental Health Professional’s/BIA course, and an independent trainer. Debbie provides training for many local authorities and trusts, and for s12 approved doctors and Approved Clinicians in the South West, Midlands and Wales. Debbie is a registered social worker and has previously worked as an ASW/AMHP, and a mental health manager. Debbie is co-author with Paul Barber and Rob Brown of Mental Health Law in England and Wales, 3rd Ed (2017), and The Mental Capacity Act 2015, A Guide for Practice, 3rd Ed (2015), published by Sage/Learning Matters. Debbie has a keen interest in the use of power within psychiatry, specifically how and why statute is used by mental health professionals. Debbie’s research is concerned with the exercise of power in the context of CTOs.

Debbie’s Publications
The Mental Capacity Act 2005: A Guide for Practice, 3rd edition. (Exeter: Learning Matters), Co-author

Mental Health Law in England and Wales, 3rd edition. (London: Sage, Learning Matters), Co-author

Chapters in the following books:

Social Work with Adults by Martin Davies (Palgrave Macmillan)

Contemporary Social Work Practice: A handbook for students by Barbara Teater (Open University Press)

What people say about Debbie:

"An excellent legal update, highly relevant to AMHP practice."

"Best CTO training I have had in general, and an excellent quality trainer with good communication style (Debbie Martin). Very knowledgeable on MHA 1983, whilst it was a whole day it was very relevant and concise and Guardianship was added in as a helpful extra."

"Lovely presentation of the course in clear and balanced manner, knowledgeable tutor . Thank you"

"Trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable and presented the material in an engaging way"

"Great training, relevant and highly educations. Lovely links to case law and linking into with the practice examples. Thank you!!!"

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