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Dr Oliver Lewis

Oliver Lewis is a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers where he practices in the Court of Protection and related public law matters with respect to people with disabilities or mental health issues. Before returning to the bar in 2017 he was executive director of Validity, an international human rights charity based in Budapest that advances the rights of people with mental; health issues or learning disabilities worldwide.

Oliver is also part-time Professor of Law and Social Justice at the School of Law, University of Leeds where he teaches on the LLB and LLM modules on disability law and leads the LLM module on global human rights advocacy and coordinates the international disability law clinic. He is a trustee of the Avon and Bristol Law Centre.

He has a law degree from LSE, an MA in Medical Ethics and Law from King’s College London and a PhD from the University of Leiden. Oliver has written extensively on international human rights law and disability, including a book published in 2007, “Mental Disability and the European Convention on Human Rights”.

Oliver tweets at @DrOliverLewis