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Neil Hickman

Neil Hickman is a specialist mental health lawyer, member of the Law Society Mental Health Panel and has previous experience in family law. Before qualifying as a solicitor, Neil practised as a social worker, team manager and ASW / AMHP for 15 years. 

Neil is co-author of several books:

· Mental Health Law- Focus on Social Work Law- published Palgrave 2016 ISBN: 978-1-137-44740-1  Click here to buy from Amazon 

· The Mental Health Tribunal - An Essential Guide  VIEW FLYER 1st edition Nov 2021 ISBN: 978-1-5297-0849-3.  Click here to buy from Sage Publishing  ** Claim 25% discount at the Sage checkout with code UK23AUTHOR**   or click here to buy from Amazon

- Mental Health Law in England and Wales: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals 2023 (SAGE) ISBN: 978-1529602852  Click here to buy from Sage Publishing  or click here to buy from Amazon

What people say about Neil:

“Excellent trainer who as per usual delivered this to a high standard. A very enjoyable day.”

“Very user-friendly style of delivery that makes it conducive to excellent learning. Fully involves and answers questions of participants”

“Best and most stimulating and relevant course I have recently attended. All content focused and relevant, challenging and informative”

"Great to have some case discussion. Neil was fantastic. Thank you very much!"

"Neil was very clear and helpful. Neil used language which was easy to understand. Thanks very much, very informative session"

"A very engaging trainer, knowledgeable and well-paced delivery with pertinent information"

"Pictures and wit helped. Simplifications of case law also helped as it was more understandable"

"The training was very informative and helpful, especially as it related directly to a situation I am currently dealing with.  Neil enabled me to understand the legislation in detail and feel confident about how to deal with the case I am currently working on"

"I found Neil to be very easy to follow, he was considerate to individual needs and wants during the training.  Neil also checked in with the group regularly to check understanding. Very informative, thank you for such an interesting training session, I feel much more knowledgeable regarding the 117 process now"

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