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Petrina Douglas-Hall

Petrina is a mental health pharmacist and manages the National Centre for Psychiatric Medicines Information Service at the Maudsley Hospital in London. Her current clinical caseload involves work on a specialist care unit where older adults are treated who have severe challenging behaviours due to dementia or a mental illness plus working as an independent prescriber in a children’s ADHD clinic. Petrina has also worked as a pharmacist in the past for HM Prison Service. Petrina is a Mental Health Act Reviewer for the Care Quality Commission, a role she has had for the past 20 years including under the late Mental Health Act Commission. Petrina is a Honorary Clinical Lecturer at King’s College London. She has authored clinical papers in peer reviewed journals on subjects ranging from reasons for clozapine discontinuation to as required medication for severely mentally ill people. Petrina is a contributor to The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry.

Petrina is married with children and cares for a son with severe learning disability and autism.

What people say about Petrina: 

"This course was exceptional and I will be recommending this to other practitioners. I canlisten to Petrina all day. What a passionate knowledgeable professional. So many great'take aways' that I can tangibly employ in practice. Thank you"

"Really insightful course, gave me clarity on when someone is being chemically restrained. Would recommend the course

"Well presented and detailed, with clear expertise in the area"

"Very useful and informative"

"Excellent presentation, Petrina is very experienced and is a very good orator."

"Very informative and helpful"

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