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Rachel Clancy

Rachel Clancy 

What people say about Rachel:

"I found it incredibly informative. I found it useful in its clarity in looking at ED's, how it is treated and then looking at how it relates to the MHA with case studies. Rachel clearly has an extensive professional working knowledge which added enormously as it meant a wide range of questions could be asked and explored. It was really good."

"Very thought provoking and informative helped me to appreciate matters related to eating disorders and people who are suffering from them. Workshop was very good"

" Really clear delivery and experience of the matter Good case examples. Fair balance of group work and teaching Interesting topics of conversation throughout"

"Thought it was clear and concise, really given me a better insight into Eating Disoders" 

"Really helpful to have a course dedicated to eating disorders, and exploring the complexities with case  examples"

"Very useful gaining of knowledge around eating disorders. Good use of time- am for eating disorders and pm for the AMHP role and assessment of eating disorders."