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Social worker wins race discrimination case against city council

The case was about the way a British social worker of Indian origin, Mrs Parmar was disciplined compared with white British colleagues. In the case, the employment tribunal judge said:

"We conclude on the evidence that when it came to assessing the merits of behaviour allegations against white employees such as HM, AE and JR, Ms Lake was slow to move to formal measures. In the case of the Claimant she moved fairly speedily to investigation and suspension for something which was either at the same or lower level of alleged misconduct. We are satisfied that race played a part in her decisions. There is no other credible explanation."

The council was criticised by the judge for not disclosing a number of important records. This included meetings which lead to the council's own investigation into Mrs Parmar's conduct being dropped. You can read the case including the judge's full reasons here.

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