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Government seeks views on learning disability and autism training

People with a learning disability and autistic people face poorer health outcomes than the general population, and it is crucial that health and care staff are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to provide high-quality, personalised care and help reduce inequalities in health outcomes.It is hoped that standards for learning disability and autism training for health and care staff will improve as the government launches a consultation on a code of practice. Draft guidance for the Oliver McGowan code of practice outlines how health and care providers who are Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered can meet the new legislative requirement to ensure staff receive training on learning disabilities and autism appropriate to their role. The draft Code outlines the standards that training on learning disabilities and autism must meet to comply with the legislation from the Health and Care Act 2022, and guidance on how providers can meet those standards. The consultation will end on 19th September. To contribute, click here.

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