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FREE BIA Database for Practising BIAs

Why Join the Edge BIA Database?

  • To help you connect with supervisory bodies in need of practising BIAs

  • There is no membership fee or other cost to join the BIA database.

  • This database will be made available to supervisory bodies upon their request, at no cost to them.

  • By joining the BIA Database, you agree to your details being forwarded to supervisory bodies so they can contact you in order to undertake BIA assessments.

  • We will send you a reminder, well in advance of your BIA Certificate expiring so that you can organise your refresher in good time.

  • We will also send you a copy of the latest DoLS case law sheet at the same time to refresh ahead of the training if you wish.


Why have we created the BIA Database?

We are often asked how BIAs can connect directly with supervisory bodies and supervisory bodies often say that there is a shortage of independent practising BIAs because their internal BIAs are already overwhelmed with work and cannot stretch to complete BIA assessments as well.  Watch and share our short film for a quick summary!

Click HERE to join the BIA Database


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