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Experiences of adults from a Black ethnic background detained as inpatients under the MHA

People from a Black ethnic (BE) background in England and Wales are disproportionately detained as inpatients under the United Kingdom's Mental Health Act (MHA). Qualitative research into the lived experiences of this group is sparse. This recent study, therefore, aims to explore the experiences of people from a BE background detained under the MHA.

The study found the four key themes from their interviews:

"Help is decided by others, not tailored to me"

"I am not a person-I am a Black patient"

"Mistreated or neglected instead of cared for"

"Sectioning can be a space for sanctuary and support."

Conclusions and implications for practice:

People from a BE background report inpatient detention to be a racist and racialised experience, inseparable from a wider context of systemic racism and inequality

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