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Participation, Involvement,

Listed below are a range of courses we deliver on Participation, Involvement, Information sharing and Advocacy. If you want more information on any course listed, please email: and we will send you the full course outline with further details including costings. All courses are tailored to the specific needs of the staff group or service commissioning it. If you don’t see the exact course you need, please email us as we deliver numerous other bespoke courses on Participation, Involvement, Information sharing and Advocacy.

Legal issues related to Advocacy - in all its guises

This half day course aims to familiarise staff concerned with advocacy rights with the legal framework for the triggering of mandatory obligations to support people’s participation in statutory decision-making through advocacy.

This course assumes a basic understanding of the advocacy frameworks in the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the NHS Act 2006, the Care Act 2014 – and ideally a basic awareness of the framework for advocacy in the Mental Health Act 1983 and Children & Families Act 2014.

Information sharing & Advocacy

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