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Ordinary Residence

Listed below are a range of courses we deliver on Ordinary Residence . If you want more information on any course listed, please email: and we will send you the full course outline with further details including costings. All courses are tailored to the specific needs of the staff group or service commissioning it. If you don’t see the exact course you need, please email us as we deliver numerous other bespoke courses on Ordinary Residence.

Legal issues related to identifying liable/responsible commissioners (Ordinary residence)

This half or full day* course aims to familiarise NHS Integrated Care Systems commissioning staff and/or Local Authority commissioners or ordinary residence specialists with the skills and knowledge needed to identify a liable or responsible commissioner in a range of different factual scenarios.

*The full day delivers more specialist knowledge and application of the rules, for more specialist staff.

Both full and half day deliveries of this course assume a basic understanding of the concepts of ordinary residence and deemed continuing ordinary residence under the Care Act.

The full day of material assumes a basic understanding of Who Pays (the NHS directions as to the liable NHS services commissioner).

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