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Hoarding & the Law

Listed below are a range of courses we deliver on Hoarding. If you want more information on any course listed, please email: and we will send you the full course outline with further details including costings. All courses are tailored to the specific needs of the staff group or service commissioning it. If you don’t see the exact course you need, please email us as we deliver numerous other bespoke courses on Hoarding.

Hoarding: an introduction

This half day (3 hours) course will provide delegates with an introduction to hoarding. The course will examine what is meant by hoarding, the types and triggers of hoarding and how to support people who hoard. The course will examine the importance of multi-agency working and how this can be achieved in practice.

Hoarding and self-neglect: law and good practice

This practice-based course looks in depth at an issue that is commonly encountered by health practitioners and social workers and which has no easy answers. It reviews the relevance of the Mental Health and Mental Capacity Acts and the Care Act 2014, considers the involvement of environmental health, and discusses local issues.

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