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DoLS Mental

Listed below are a range of courses we deliver for DoLS Mental Health Assessors. If you want more information on any course listed, please email: and we will send you the full course outline with further details including costings. All courses are tailored to the specific needs of the staff group or service commissioning it. If you don’t see the exact course you need, please email us as we deliver numerous other bespoke courses for DoLS Mental Health Assessors.

Mental Health Assessors Qualification Course

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have an online qualification course. Please visit their website for more details.

Edge is able to provide face to face training to complement the online course and assist newly qualified Mental Health Assessors with the practical aspects of this challenging role.

Mental Health Assessors Refresher Course

A three hour or one day update course including the latest case law, news and refreshers on the key DoLS requirements relevant to this role.

Health Assessors

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