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Court of Protection

Understanding the Court of Protection

This one day course is designed to enable participants to feel equipped to attend the Court of Protection and to ensure they know what to expect; the best way to give evidence; the key court of protection roles; terminology and courtroom etiquette. The course will help delegates prepare to give evidence and deal with challenging questioning. A barrister in the field will give them tips on staying calm and composed under pressure and ensuring the evidence they give is fair, balanced and accurately represents application of the key components of the Mental Capacity Act to the Court of Protection judge.


Court of Protection Report Writing Skills 

This course aims to identify key aspects of mental capacity law with reference to statute and the Code and to establish frameworks for the accurate recording of essential evidence. It will ensure staff are clear on good and bad recording techniques and will identify the key law to guide completion of the COP forms

Court Skills for Social Workers

This course aims to provide an overview of the main courts relevant to adult social care: the Court of Protection, Mental Health Tribunals and the Coroner's Court. The course is delivered by a barrister that practises in all three courts and will provide an overview of the purpose of each court and an overview of the process and procedures relevant to each court. 

Deprivation of Liberty in the Community- Preparing COPDOL11 Applications

This one day course is designed to enable participants to identify when applications need to be made to the Court of Protection to authorise deprivation of liberty and to comply with the requirements set down by the Court for making such applications.

The Role of the 3A Representative

This course looks in detail at the responsibilities of this role and equips delegates with the practical skills to be an effective 3A Representative. The course includes a practical exercise on writing statements for the Court of Protection

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