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Rob Brown 

Rob was a founding member and director of Edge. He retired as a director in 2015 but continues to deliver training regularly. He runs refresher courses for AMHPs and teaches s12 doctors and Approved Clinicians in England and Wales. He is a social worker and was a MHA Commissioner from 1993 to 2010.

Rob is a Visiting Fellow at Bournemouth University. He provides consultation and supervision for staff in various authorities including AMHPs and BIAs in Cornwall. He has published widely in the field of mental health and mental capacity law. He was a finalist in the British Social Work Awards 2013, Lifetime Achievement category.

What people say about Rob:
“…throughout 30 years of police work, I cannot remember a day’s course that was so entertaining and informative.”

“I particularly value the supervision on MHA / MCA with have from Rob….as this helps to keep in touch with National and European trends in Mental health law, and case discussion from the Courts of Law, including CoP outcomes and thus allows me ( us ) to inform local practice.

Rob has always returned any calls I make, and answers E mails promptly on particular aspects of case law, and I have found this very helpful. Rob has also been a big help with the work I have done as an RC / AC, with guidance and information about how the role can be used, and the limitations on case management too.”


Rob’s Publications
Mental Health Law in England and Wales (Sage), Co-author
The Approved Mental Health Professional’s Guide to Mental Health Law (Sage)
The Approved Mental Health Professional’s Guide to Psychiatry and Medication (Learning Matters), Co-author
The Mental Capacity Act 2005, Co-author
Mental Health Law: A Practical Guide, Co-author

Journal articles
The Revised Code of Practice to the Mental Health Act 1983: Some Initial Thoughts in the Journal of Mental Health Law, February 1999.

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