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Solicitor/Court of Protection Deputy Banned for Overcharging Vulnerable Clients

Solicitor and a former head of the Court of Protection department at Switalskis Solicitors has been banned (struck off) from being a solicitor because he was overcharging clients and purchasing items for himself, using their money. He was also ordered to pay £17,000 of costs. The article in the Law Gazette explains that:

"Alex Richard Guy admitted that over two and a half years, while acting as one client’s deputy, he raised bills of costs amounting to almost £272,000 for work not undertaken. With another client, he charged almost £59,000 for work that was not chargeable."

The invoices for £272,000 were based on just 65 hours of work. The article goes on to explain that Mr Guy "...admitted using a third client’s money to buy products worth £3,100 from an Apple store and keeping an iPhone 11 Pro Max worth £1,500 for his own use."

Mr Guy had initially been charged with transferring more than £900,000 from clients’ bank accounts into his own name. He denied these allegations and they were subsequently dropped as part of an agreed outcome with the Solicitor's Regulation Authority the day before his tribunal hearing. The full judgment can be read here

Heath and social work professionals should remember that regardless of the profession of the deputy, any concerns about safeguarding/financial abuse should be reported promptly. The government website has a dedicated page of information about how to report any concerns to the Office of the Public Guardian.

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