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Shared bedrooms – consent, mental capacity and human rights

Two recent CQC inspections of care homes have found people sharing bedrooms either without consent or assessments of mental capacity and best interests.

In August, at Magnolia House care home (rated inadequate) the CQC stated: ‘...we found where two people who were sharing a bedroom, their human rights had not been fully considered. Both people lacked the capacity to consent to sharing a room and the MCA had not been used to make decisions based on each of their best interests. Following concerns raised about this, the management team discussed the arrangement with their families, and they were moved into their own individual rooms.’

In the same month at Pine Lodge care home (rated inadequate) the CQC found: ‘Fourteen people using the service shared their bedroom with another person. Records of people's consent or decisions made in their best interest had not been maintained and decisions had not been kept under review.’ Download from:

It is a useful reminder of the wide range of decisions in adult social care and the underpinning law of consent and the MCA.

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