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DNACPR Report from Compassion in Dying

Report title : Better understanding, better outcomes: what we’ve learned about DNACPR decisions before and during the Coronavirus pandemic

This report by the charity Compassion in Dying focusses on DNACPR decisions before and during the Coronavirus pandemic. It will be a discussed at our forthcoming conference (see below). The report includes alarming examples of unlawful practices such as the following:

"A hospital doctor told me it was routine hospital procedure for anyone over the age of 70 to have a DNACPR placed on them”

The report recognises that the problem is not new and was simply exacerbated by the pandemic: '...the people we support have been experiencing such issues long before the pandemic started. It is perhaps not surprising that at a time of great stress on the healthcare system and when doctors are working under intense pressure, the problems of variation in interpreting the law and of poor communication have been exacerbated.'


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