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CCTV in care homes – consent and the MCA

The use of CCTV in care homes has recently been addressed by both the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman and the Care Quality Commission.

In June, the Ombudsman issued a ruling against a care home owned by Caldwell and Beling Ltd. The Ombudsman found: ‘The Care Provider has acknowledged that it should not have been recording on CCTV. It has apologised to residents for this and stopped using CCTV.’ Download from:

In August, the CQC issued an Inspection Report (rated inadequate) for Magnolia House care home. The report stated: ‘It is important that where CCTV is used in a care home, people's right to understand their use and the reasons why is considered. If people lack capacity to consent to this, their relatives should be consulted, and best interest decisions made. This is important to protect people's human rights.’

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