COVID-19 Related Resources for Health & Social Care Professionals

Mental Health Act

MHCS Stakeholder Update Covid-19 19 March 2020

Royal College of Psychiatrists COVID-19 Guidance for Clinicians

Pilot Practice Direction: Health, Education and Social Care of the First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health)- A new way for mental health tribunals to operate which started on 23rd March 2020

Rethink Mental Illness- A summary of the proposed temporary changes to the Mental Health Act

COVID-19 Pandemic Information and Support for AMHPs

Legal guidance for mental health, learning disability and autism, and specialised commissioning services supporting people of all ages during the coronavirus pandemic

Health Care

NICE guidance- Rapid COVID-19 Guidelines- Management of patients in critical care; patients who are having kidney dialysis and patients receiving systemic anticancer treatments.

Nursing and Midwifery Council- COVID-19 Guidance including returning to the register

The British Journal of General Practice: Video Consultations: a guide for practice

COVID-19 Hospital Discharge Service Requirements

Clinical guide for front line staff to support the management of patients with a learning disability, autism or both during the coronavirus pandemic – relevant to all clinical specialities

Social Care

COVID-19 Admission and Care of People in Care Homes- UPDATED guidance

British Association of Social Workers: COVID-19 Updates Page

Implications for Disabled Children- A short film by Steve Broach

Learning Disability England

The Coronavirus Bill and the Care Act- Profound Implications

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on vulnerable children and young people

COVID-19: Our Action Plan for Adult Social Care

Human Rights

Council of Europe: Statement of Principles Relating to the Treatment of Persons Deprived of their Liberty

Liberty: Response & Analysis of the Coronavirus Bill

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Letter to the Prime Minister

Legal Analysis

Doughty Street Chambers: Insights (a number of papers exploring the Coronavirus Bill)

39 Essex Chambers: A Note on Schedule 11 of the Coronavirus Bill


Shelter: COVID 19 Housing Advice & Information