Law firm Rook Irwin Sweeney (RIS) have sent a letter before action to Matt Hancock to challenge the lack of new guidance for people in supported living. According to RIS, the previous guidance was withdrawn on the 13th May and since then the Department of Health and Social Care have said it is under development. RIS note that the guidance around care homes has been updated on a few occasions and argue that the approach of the ‘…Secretary of State is irrational, discriminatory, and result in a breach of our client’s human rights.’
You can read a redacted version of their letter before claim here.
RIS have asked the Government’s lawyers to reply by 7 July 2020 and further, to confirm that the guidance will be issued by 14 July 2020.
Rook Irwin Sweeney also have a Social Justice Fund which they say is ‘…to fund education, health and/or social care legal advice for disabled individuals or families who need assistance to get the support that they require that they are otherwise unable to access.’
For more details on their checklist and how to apply click here.