Edge offers an effective and focused supervision service. We provide this to a variety of organisations and individuals including government bodies, NHS Trusts, local authorities, charities, AMHPs, Social Supervisors, Lead AMHPs and BIAs. Supervision can be delivered to individual professionals or groups on a number of specialist areas of mental health, mental capacity and child law.

The service we provide is in addition to line management supervision and offers the opportunity to focus on legal and practice matters in a reflective environment.
Examples of previous work include:

  • – Personal supervision on a regular basis for a social supervisor on all aspects of the law and practice in relation to conditionally discharged patients.
  • – Group and individual supervision for a team of AMHPs/BIAs focusing on mental capacity and mental health law and practice.
  • – Personal supervision for a lead mental health social worker developing mental health law and practice outside England and Wales but within the United Kingdom.

Supervision is always provided by an experienced member of the Edge team via regular meetings, telephone, email or Skype.